In a cooperation with a blind people team, I’m developing a money reader app.

Nowadays, the blind people’s fate is better than ever in the history. But in Hungary, if they want to do an as simple thing as shopping, they need a helper, because on the Hungarian banknotes, there isn’t any usable distinguishing mark for the blind people.

So I am currently developing an app what scans Hungarian forint (HUF), American dollar (USD) and euro (EUR). At this time, the app only knows Hungarian.

I also named to the 26. Hungarian Innovation Contest, where the app is currently in the second round from the 3.

You can help the app by several ways:

  • You can found us by money, in the right sidebar’s PayPal donation button
  • You can be an alpha-beta tester*
  • If you have any ideas, you can share it with us*

*You need to contact us. You can contact us by several ways:
On Facebook, you can write a message to us.
On the homepage, you can write a message tho.
And you can mail us at
You can download the current beta by clicking here.

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