In a cooperation with the Budapest Bike Maffia, we are developing an app, where you can help the homeless people […]


In a cooperation with a blind people team, I’m developing a money reader app.


The AIfinance will help you manage your budget by giving advices on how to spend your money.

JetLag Counter

If you are travelling between two distant places, jetlag can occur because of the time difference. If you don’t want […]


In the CityCab, you need to bring the passengers from A to B, without running out of time. You don’t […]

PopUp Hell

This game is made for fun – don’t take it serious. Please. It’s wrong. Spend your money on any other […]


The bloxx is a 3D game, where you have a ball, and you need to bring it from the start […]


In the ColorBlinder, you need to search the different-coloured square in the grid. In spite of the minimalist UI, the […]