What’s next in 2018?

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What’s going to be different in 2018? What are our plans, what can you expect?

If you haven’t read the 2017 review post yet, you can read it here.

As we mentioned in our previous post, 2017 was an awesome and awful year at the same time – but what are we going to do with everything we learnt?

First of all, design is going to be our main priority. We’ll focus on designing apps as perfectly as we can, building them to be the most optimized apps what we can make, and maintain them to make them even better. Currently, our plan is to make just 3 apps in 2018, but this may change.


We planned 4 projects for 2018. Not all of them are going to be apps – one of them is going to be Frank, a Messenger AI bot with contextual answering and machine learning, written in JavaScript. We’re also building a social app named Dots, where you can share photos with strangers, and get to know new people. Also, we’re planning to make a newsreader app called Focus, that helps you read news like never before. More details coming soon! 😉


We are definitely going to try to participate in more events in Hungary, so we can meet new people. If you want to do so, you can meet us as well. (If you don’t want to wait until an event that we can attend, you can just contact us on Facebook and by mail).

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