And goodbye Unity.

From now, I will develop apps instead of games. I have several reasons for this:

  • For first, the performance: the Xamarin apps are faster, uses less power, and runs better on slower devices too.
  • I can help people’s life with my apps. My games never helped in any problems, but if you use one of an useful apps that are coming, your life will be easier, and better.
  • Also, I wanted to learn something new, out of the Unity.
  • I can get more experience in programming.

I will drop support for Unity games in 2017/May. The list of games and apps made in Unity by me, in time order:

  • Pota-tales (never released on iOS, because of this reason, deleted)
  • ColorBlinder
  • ShapeBlinder (deleted)
  • E-Napló (first region locked, now deleted: moving to Xamarin)
  • bloxx
  • PopUp Hell
  • CityCab

The updates and the support is dropping too. From now, I’m not gonna make any new games in Unity, and the Xamarin isn’t for creating apps.

Thank you for everyone!

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