Water holds a really important part of our life – but what if we forgot to drink it?

On the App Store and the Google Play, we already found dozens and thousands of water-consume observer apps, but none of them worried about a few *really* important things, because of what, we can even dry out, even if we drank enough – based on the app.

  • They don’t watch if you’ve done any exercises (while Runtastic PRO can count it out, that how much water you need to drink to avoid drying out)
  • Weather? Nope? (if it’s cold, then you need to drink less, and if it’s warm, you need to drink more – you know the formula)
  • And a few more little things, like your body weight, BMI, etc.

But what we can do as app developers? Contact other developers, and start waiting until they implement it?  That’s the worst thing to do, so we decided to create an app for this, with the features you already know (and maybe love?), like push notifications – you get it. 😀

Coming on 2017 summer!

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