The AIfinance will help you manage your budget by giving advices on how to spend your money.

There are a lots of personal finance apps, what can monitor your spendings, and then you’ll get a beautiful statisctics view from your income and spendings. But, if you want something more, then this app is for you!

In the first month, the app detects what things do you spend the most of your money, and if you are near your budget’s limits, it’ll search a cheaper┬ápossibility. For example, if you always get a taxi, it’ll recommend you the Uber and/or the public transport. If you always eat in one restaurant, but there is a cheaper place nearby, it’ll recommend it for you, etc.

The app is hardly under development at this time.

You can help the app by several ways:

  • You can found us by money, in the right sidebar’s PayPal donation button
  • You can be an alpha-beta tester*
  • If you have any ideas, you can share it with us*

*You need to contact us. You can contact us by several ways:
On Facebook, you can write a message to us.
On the homepage, you can write a message tho.
And you can mail us at

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