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We now open-sourcing our projects. Why? When? Why does it matter?

First, let’s define what open source is:

open source (adjective): denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.

As you may notice, we don’t have too many projects nowadays: in 2018, the only one app we published is Bullshit Bingo. And that’s because we are learning. Learning new technologies, new methods, new tools, and new design approaches, so that we can build better projects.

And from now on, we are going to publish our never-ever published projects and our older React-Native projects on GitHub, so you can see what we were doing, learn from our code and from our faults, and even contribute to our projects.

Open source projects already changed the world: the two biggest open source projects are Android and Linux, just to mention. But React-Native (the framework we build our apps on) is also open source, just like every JavaScript-based framework and web technology. It’s good to see that the developer community is constantly growing, and that’s partly because of the amazing open source projects – and we thought

Why should we keep our projects private? Why didn’t we already publish them on GitHub? Why don’t we let everyone learn from our code?

Our first open source project is the Bullshit Bingo, and from now on, we are working on refactoring, documenting, organizing and modernizing our older projects. Just to mention, we are now working on the Budipest and the PocketVision: the first app that was never mentioned anywhere. It was an experimental AI project that uses your camera to tell what you are looking on, and you can hear it in your phone’s language (powered by Google Translate API), and once we finish Frank, we’ll publish his source code on GitHub too, so stay tuned.

Happy hacking!


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