Imagine a world without hungry mouths all over the way, even in the city. Now, do for it.

If you see a friendly-looking homeless, then

  • You can add them to our map, and then
    • The social workers will find them easier and help them by food, water, etc.
    • The app’s users will find them, and they will help them
    • If you cook a way more than you needed, and you don’t want to throw it out, then give it to one who needs it!
    • If you want to help them, then the app can help you find the people who you need to help on!
    • The restaurant owners will find them. If they don’t want to throw the food left, then they find someone who needs it and then gives the food for him.

You can help the app by several ways:

  • You can found us by money, in the right sidebar’s PayPal donation button
  • If you have any ideas, you can share it with us*

*You need to contact us. You can contact us by several ways:
On Facebook, you can write a message to us.
On the homepage, you can write a message tho.
And you can mail us at

You can download the app from Google Play and App Store.

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