Keep doing it if you can’t stand that you’re a cool guy.

Who are internet trolls? Well… if someone says: “This game is shit”, or “You are ugly”, it’s definitely a troll. A troll, who wants to change the world to a very-very bad world. A troll, who wants to hurt you. A troll, who doesn’t have life, a troll, who doesn’t have feelings. That’s why he is trolling.

But what does it have to do with FunByte? People all over the world love, or hates thing. Games divide people – some people love, and some people hate games. That’s not different with FunByte either. But you can tell the developer, why their game is shitty.

This game is a shit.

The developer will not change anything, and also, you will hurt them in a more efficient way than bullying someone. Because for a developer, it’s their life, it’s their work, and it’s their heritage for the world. But you call it a shit, for no goddamn reason.

Tell the developer why the game is a shit in your eyes. Be a cool guy. Thank you.

For me, you can tell me why the game is shitty on, or by sending a DM on Facebook or Twitter.

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