It’s out, it’s cool, and… it’s developed in React-Native.

Before everything: what is React-Native?

It’s a multi platform app development framework, built on top of the React. It’s fully open-source, but it’s in hands of the Facebook.

For those who don’t know it already: the ColorBlinder is a game developed by us. There’s a grid full of same-colored squares, but one of them is a little bit different colored, and you need to find it, as fast as you can.


And what’s new? Completely rewritten in React-Native. Faster. Dark UI. New style. Better colors. Stability improvements. Uses less space. New game rules. New, cross-platform leaderboard.

The idea itself isn’t new: I just remade the original 1.0 ColorBlinder: it was built in Unity, and the 2.0 was released on the 1st anniversary of the 1.0.

If you want to play with it, you can grab it from Google Play and App Store.

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