2017 – year in review

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As the end of the year is closer and closer with every single second, it’s important to stop working for a while, look back, and think about what we’ve done in the last year.

2017 was an insane year in the life of FunByte. The whole thing grew from a hobby project of a teenager to a team with 4 members. From some games, to great apps. From some eye-candy projects without any meaning to perfection. While we are still wet behind our ears, we are committed to make everything as perfect as we can.

Timeline of the most important things in 2017:

  • Started the FunByte blog
  • Started development in Xamarin
  • Released ‘Help’
    • Teamed up with Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party and Budapest Bike Mafia
  • Held my first keynote on one of Hungary’s biggest tech conferences, called SMART 2017
  • Dropped Xamarin, started React-Native and JavaScript development
  • Released ‘Help’ 2.0
  • Re-made ‘ColorBlinder’
  • Released ‘Budipest’
  • New branding
    • Redefined the foundations of FunByte: improved communication, design, and the team
  • Started learning Swift for native iOS development

Mistakes were made

As you may know, everyone does things wrong occasionally, and FunByte is no different. We started developing using Xamarin, and the results were awful. The ‘Help’ app was slow, ugly, and unresponsive at launch. Then, I decided to learn React-Native, and instead of making an app as good as I can, I decided to release the unfinished version (which was still better than the Xamarin version, but still really bad).

I made the blog for the purpose of writing down everything I had in my mind, but instead, I abandoned it and I didn’t write anything. I didn’t follow any of the common business or marketing strategies. Not because I had a better plan, I just didn’t care at all.

I didn’t care about design, even though it should be the one of the most important things for an app development studio – the only thing that we can use to stand out from the crowd, besides a great concept.

And how about something good?

Well, this is definitely going to be shorter than the list of mistakes – 2017 was definitely a year when we made a lot of mistakes, but we did learn from them. Also, we’re a team now, so that’s something positive. Oh, and the SMART 2017 event (mentioned above) was great, too.

Also, instead of making apps for as many people as we can, we want to make the best apps we can, so I started learning Swift for native iOS development. We also started using task management tools, we started having meetings, caring about people and design, and writing blog posts.

You may wonder: what are we going to do with these things that we learnt? We continue trying to make our apps great, and perfect everything, until makes people’s lives better.

An article about our plans for 2018 is also coming soon. 😉

Merry Christmas and happy new year,

The FunByte Team ❤️

Cover photo design by Balázs Szulovszky

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