Why should you choose us?

There are a lots of other development studios out there: why should you bet on us?

Fast development

We develop in JavaScript and React-Native, and we always handle every project, like it's our life-project.


We develop fast, lightweight and efficient apps, so your users will never struggle with slow apps by us.


If you changed your mind, or just want to change something in the project, or after the release, you want to add a few new features, we are here to help.

We are an indie development studio from Hungary. We started developing games back in 2016, and we are developing apps since 2017.

We know that it's the best to order from a studio you know well, so, here's some info about us.
Dániel Gergely

Dániel Gergely

CEO, fouder

(Formerly Dániel Kiss) The founder and CEO of FunByte, developer, beginner runner.

Bence Sztrecska

Bence Sztrecska

co-founder, developer student

Bence learns React Native, JavaScript and C++ , while he is a martial arts addict.

Balázs L. Szulovszky

Balázs L. Szulovszky

Graphic Designer, co-founder

He is a Linux fanatic, co-founder of FunByte, leader QA, designer.


Because we hope someone ever will read it.

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If you have any questions, order, or just talk to someone, then... we are here for you.

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support@funbyte.xyz for general

press@funbyte.xyz for... you know, press things.

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