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Meet us – the team behind our apps. Have a coffee, talk with us, ask for advice, whatever: we are here for You!

CEO, founder, developer
Dániel Gergely
Formerly Dániel Kiss. CEO, founder, developing apps in Swift/Xcode, runner-wannabe.
Dávid Jobbágy
UX Designer. Amateur photographer. Makes terrible puns.

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We are not just another app development studio. We are your best friends, who are really into app development. We only accept a request if we really believe in the project’s success, and if we are sure that we have enough time to perfect the concept.

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Can I get a refund on my purchased apps?

Yep – tap on the name of the store you bought our app in, and see how you can get a refund.

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Do you have a Facebook page?

Of course! You can access it here.

How do you make your apps?

We develop apps in React-Native and JavaScript, so our apps run on both Android and iOS, their performance is good, and they look nice, no matter the platform.

For our iOS-only projects we use Xcode and Swift, so they’re truly native apps that take advantage of native UI, performance, and features like 3D Touch, ARkit, Core ML or HealthKit.

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